The Group

Stilog IST has been a part of the ICE Group since 2014. While remaining operationally independent, Stilog IST acquired new prospects for growth and development by joining the industrial group.

ICE Group is a network of experts that owns 16 companies. It specializes in high-technology activities and can call on the expertise of its 1000 employees, who are driven by a shared culture of innovation and customer service. ICE Group exercises three main activities through the companies it owns:

·  Monitoring and protection of electrical networks
·  Electrical and electronic specialties
·  Technical engineering (technical IT services and software, mechatronics)

The group has its origins in the protection and monitoring activity, which illustrates its technical excellence and the quality of its products.  The group’s gradual expansion into other activities was guided towards specialties requiring a high level of technical expertise. This collection of skills is characterized by a strong engineering culture that lays great importance on research and development. All of the Group’s human-sized companies offer a broad spectrum of specialized services, ranging from design and integration, to production, maintenance and turnkey services.

€110 million
of turnover


16 group


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